Your Virtual IT Department


Your Virtual I.T. Department


Managed IT

We partner with your business as your complete Virtual IT department. We manage the day to day operations and proactively manage your network with a fixed cost, so its in our interest to make sure everything runs as smooth as it can. <View more...>


Cloud Technologies

We plan, install, manage and maintain a vast array of cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365 helping your business be more mobile, run more efficiently and thrive. <View More...>


Additional Services

There are a number of other services we can provide to you such as security checkups / cloud backups / business continuity. VoIP Phones etc. <View More...>


At Assist IT, we pride ourselves on being a top-notch IT business solutions provider with a strong focus on serving the Sydney area, while also catering to clients all across Australia. Our customer-centric and responsive approach ensures that we pair our dedicated team of experts with tried-and-tested solutions, forging close partnerships with our clients to help them reach their objectives. As the ever-changing needs of our clients continue to evolve, our unwavering commitment remains the same – to consistently adapt and deliver the most exceptional results for those we serve.

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